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Why use us as opposed to someone else?

At Fish HR & Training, we do not believe it is possible to deal with an HR issue in a bubble. Not successfully at any rate. The "problem", whatever it is, must be considered within the wider context of the business, its ethos, culture, aspirations, limitations and its present-day reality. Without taking into account the multiple other factors that have a direct and/or indirect impact on the issue itself, the "solution" will always be limited.

We work closely with trusted and proven experts to provide a holistic support mechanism for your business. We help you to look at your business differently and we build with you the stepping stones to achieve what you wish to achieve.

If you are serious about building your business, then the only way you can achieve real long-term growth and avoid becoming enslaved to your business is to take on the right people at the right time and develop them in the best way for your business. Getting the right people on board, doing the right things with the right attitude is your ticket to freedom, in the sense that you do not have to think of your business with a heavy heart.

But, it's not as simple as just getting in good staff. In order to be in a position to build and expand a winning team, there are a number of basics that need to be in place: Are you reaching the number of sales you want? Are you marketing the business as well as you could? Are your sales order processes as slick as they should be? Are your financial and credit management systems robust or do they fail to deliver? Do you have access to your business' weekly figures? And if so, do you understand what they are telling you? Are you measuring the right things or the easy things or nothing at all? Has the business the right procedures in place that contribute to efficient and effective work practices? Are you wasting time constantly re-inventing the wheel?

If you couldn't go to work for a fortnight, would things start to fall apart at the seams? If so, your business is vulnerable and you need help to build in resilience.

To advise on HR without considering these wider areas will always yield a lopsided picture. For more information on how we work and how we can support your business, please call us.




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