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Who are we?


Aside from being business owners in our own right and fully CIPD qualified with several years' consultancy experience under our belts, perhaps the best way to answer the question of who we are is is to tell you what we stand for. We practise what we preach and endeavour always to adhere to the following values:

  • Business first, then HR. Our aim is to facilitate business efficiency, not thwart business success with over zealous policy writing & endless hoop jumping, no matter how graceful!
  • Humility; we do not presume to tell you how to run your business. It's your business and in our eyes, you're the expert. Our expertise is grasping how you do what you do as quickly as possible and then providing a range of solutions that will help achieve what you want to achieve.
  • Total honesty, all of the time.
  • Quality is a given, not an optional extra. This ranges from how we answer the phone to you, taking care that documents are presented to you without typos and dodgy grammar, ensuring that the advice we give never loses sight of its commercial objective to ensuring that we keep bang up to date with developments in case law and employment legislation so that our advice is fresh, contemporary and relevant.
  • You matter, so we look after you and it's not just because you pay for our cornflakes and milk in the morning. We care about our clients, worry about our clients and make lasting & respectful friendships with our clients.
  • Value for money. The rates we charge reflect our experience and expertise. We believe in our services and want you to as well. As such, we promise to do the work again if ever you feel that you have not got the value for money from using Fish HR & Training that you were expecting.

We also work closely with a number of trusted associates which enables us to offer you a comprehensive business support solution from hands-on experts.



Fish HR & Training Limited

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